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A Time For Joy Gala is ready to celebrate our 22nd year.  We want to celebrate with you at Savor at River House on April 27, 2024 at 6pm. 

A Time For Joy Gala is our opportunity to raise the funds needed to continue Jarrett Mynear’s legacy.  It’s our way to keep his Joy Cart rolling at Norton’s Children’s Hospital every single week, to put a SMILE on the children’s faces who battle for their lives every single day.  It is a beautiful night with old friends and new on the Saturday before Derby.  We will eat, we will dance, and we raise money to continue to keep the Cart rolling!

Please Join us and head over to the Tickets page to get yours today!

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A smile. A laugh. Perhaps even a tear. A little joy can go a long way.

Just ask the countless children and their parents, families, and friends who, at seemingly insurmountable times, have been comforted by the impact a gift can have on a life in upheaval.

Jarrett’s Joy Cart embodies the true essence of the human spirit – to endure even in the face of the most ominous circumstances. And to smile all the way through.

Jarrett Mynear founder of Jattett's Joy Cart


Our Mission

The Jarrett’s Joy Cart mission is to positively impact children in various crisis situations.

Joycart Book

An updated version of the book, with new chapters and photographs, is now available.

Jarrett’s Story

Jarrett’s goal in starting the Joy Cart was to bring excitement and joy into every child’s hospital stay.

Latest News

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