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Gala Sponsors & Vendors

Our generous donors make the work of Jarrett’s Joy Cart possible every week.  

Premier Gala  Sponsors


Brandon & Ashton Lytle  

Russ & Sherry Lytle 

Jarrett’s Guardian Angels

Ken Faith & Nick Watson  

Mary Gaylord Foundation

Mary Gaylord McLean

Brix Wine bar is a small and intimate local dining spot with great food and spirits

Leslie Clark

Jarrett’s Angels 

Roger and Cindy Smith

Albert Gutterman

Mike and Sally Potter

Ken and Angie Rueff

Bill and Cindy Brundage

Gala Vendors


Wagner Electric 

Moby Car Wash 

Mike Sherman 

ChuckTown Homes 

Action Landscape 

Tony Christensen

Quality Exteriors/ Donnie Hawkins 

K&P Roofing 

Jeanne DeCamps & Bill Husted 

George Burkley 

Jack Thomas 

Richard & Sue Vonnahme

Starving Artists 

Karen Rueff 

Stan & Patty Gilkey 

Lowery Applegate 

Bob Savko

Terry Hagerman

Pepper & Edie Raque

Barbara & Doug Conard

Melinda Hawkins

Kennie and Pat Combs & Family

Cynthia and Shain Collins

Marcy Pelton

If you or your business would like to hear more sponsorship opportunities to support Jarrett’s Joy Cart please reach out to 

Stephen Smith 502-432-2573